Monday, 28 September 2009

100% Design

I went to the 100% Design show at Earls Court in London this weekend and thought I would share with you some of my favourite textile designers. 
So in no particular order first off is Charlene Mullen who's actual stand I completely missed which is very annoying as I love her work. This is a cushion with a black stitch work drawing.I think you can see why I might like this!  Go to for more.
There was quite a bit of interesting wallpaper on show from simple drawings like these by Dupenny with a fabulous 50's sauciness, to more textured lasercuts and slick digitally printed ones.
You can see more of Dupenny's work at

Ayme Fitzgerald showed some amazing digital prints on wallpaper. (see below)
Have a look here for the complete range
Where you will a fantastic surreal jungle world of zebra's and exotic foliage.

Puff and Flock are a very interesting group of 8 textile designers who are really pushing the boundaries of what textile design can be and do. With work exploring such things as magnetic felt and woven light. Have a look at their website at for more information.
The image below is of Jenny Leary's magnetic felt designs. Her website is very interesting.

These are just some of the designers whose work I liked there are loads more and I'll add them to the blog as and when time allows. So keep checking back.

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