Saturday, 10 October 2009

Knitting and Stitching Show

I visited the Knitting and Stitching Show on friday and thought I would share some of my favourite things. I don't normally like the K&S show much, (too many people, rubbish catering!) but I thought there was some interesting work on show this year, including mine ha ha. and I got talking to a few people which was nice.

I loved Susie's work which uses stitch and print to tell the stories of tailors. I'm not sure this image does it justice really, so you'll just have to go to the show and have a look!

I did not take any photographs at the show so go to the website.

One of my most favourite things at the show was a stand by Alice Kettle and Helen Felcey called Place Settings. It was a combination of stitch work by Alice and Ceramics by Helen. 

I loved the combinations of the beautiful marks made by the stitch and the placed ceramic vessels and spoons. The machine sewn marks reminded me of CyTwombly's paintings, it was a kind of domestication of Twombly. 
Alice Kettle's website is lovely and has some very large images on it so you can really explore the details. 

Roanna showed some amazing hand-stitched drawings reminiscent of foggy landscapes.
She also did a little demonstration of her technique which was very generous of her and drew a fascinated crowd round her cramped space.

This photo shows you the overall effect but if you want to see the work in more detail she has a beautiful website, look here.

I also like Lisa's work which is stitched drawings but with quite a nice sort of wobbly line and lots of knotty areas of black thread which gave the work a kind of inky and blotchy look.

Have a look at Lisa's blog its really interesting about her experiences as a designer just emerging from college. click here.

Loads more to mention but I'll come back to them!


  1. Thanks for the return visit to my blog and the kind comment Rosie. Not sure how I missed Roanna and Lisa's work (wish I had time to go back) but I loved Alice Kettle's and Susie's work too... and yours of course!

  2. Hi Rosie, thank you for the lovely mention, it's mad bacuse it was your work that instantly caught my eye at the Pfaff exhibition. Good job, and all the best for the future :) x