Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Ordsall Patterns

Finally getting started on some Ordsall Hall fun!
I have gathered some photo's of the building and from these photo's I have isolated a series of simple patterns. I put these patterns on a screen and printed up some fabric using a mixture of overprinting in a range of pink and greens.

The building really is full of pattern.
First of all we have the quatrefoil pattern which is probably the pattern which most people will associate with Ordsall Hall.

But there are loads more, its just a case of looking. This one below shows the pattern on the door.
The roof is full of pattern, there is the black and white element but also there is pattern around the edge in the wood trim.
The pattern around the edge could look like this, when simplified:
So now we have 4 patterns with which to start our printing. I played around with them and these are the results. This one below uses the pattern of stripes and dots which came from the door.

The image below shows the result of overprinting a variety of the patterns, using both positive and negative images.
The printed fabrics were used to cover 3 cork pin-boards to be used to collect peoples memories of the hall. The photograph below shows the 3 pin-boards together.

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  1. Terrific explanation of how the object became the art. Wonderful patterns.