Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Sketchbook Project

I've just sent my book off to Brooklyn for the sketchbook project. Have a look here for more info about this. You could choose from various titles for your sketchbook and mine is "Along the Line" I decided to make an accordion style book featuring lots of stitched drawings of figures walking along a line. Here's a couple of pictures of the end result.


  1. oh my goodness, Rosie - I adore your Sketchbook Project submission!

    and unlike most I have found on my google-powered travels, I am guessing I will actually be able to look this one up in person when the tour comes to London, as I gather from the remainder of your blog that you are in England.

    You even have the same theme as mine, Along The Line (but the two books couldn't be more different)

    I am still desperately trying to finish mine off, but I only have one page left to do now and then it's in the post, hopefully, on Monday.




    1. yes I'm in England! i look forward to seeing all the other sketchbooks when they come this way. Good luck with yours. Are you going to post some pics of it?

  2. I love this! I have been planning to do something with the consertina sketchbook I bought but wasn't sure how to link them all together :)