Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I have just frittered away a good few hours creating an Etsy shop. 

Its called floppyorganza (yes well I used that as my user name when I was just a shopper and now I can't change it!)

I have been working on some smaller pieces especially for selling online. This first batch are a series of stitched drawings of commuters. People waiting for the train, standing on the platform texting, reading the paper etc.
Commuters are fascinating I think, I could spend all day at a train station just people watching. Never mind train spotting! 
Anyway here's a pic of one of them, I like the way the guy on the right appears to be looking sneakily over his paper at the other bloke! 

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  1. hello!

    i've been following your blog for awhile (i can't remember from where! it's hard to trace the mysterious origins of my google reader:). this is fantastic, though! can't wait to see more.